Would give him a 11 out of 10 if possible! After having my second baby in April ’15 I decided I needed to get back in shape. Started training with Mark in July and in under 6months had 2st off and feel so much more healthier and stronger. Couldn’t rate this guy high enough, from the positive atmosphere in the gym to the encouragement and top notch advice, workouts varied so no getting bored, and seeing progression from week to week. If you want to see major changes and are willing to put in the work this is your man.

I’ve been to gyms before without achieving much. Same old routine, never knowing what to do inside the gym, just wondering from machine to machine. It’s a different atmosphere at Mark‘s gym. He pushes everyone to get the best from them, and gives you the belief that you can achieve anything. Signing up to the gym has changed my life and its one of the best things I’ve ever done. Don’t waste another day not achieving what you want

I’m John I am 36 years old and I’m a busy dad.

I was always fairly slim up until I left uni then gradually over a period of around 10 years I got heavier and heavier. This was mainly due to lack of exercise, poor diet and stress. You don’t really notice it happening and then one day you see a photo of yourself and think who’s that?!

Anyway think I got up to around 16st at one stage, but I constantly fluctuated up and down. I couldn’t really get into any exercise I was never really into sports. I tried numerous things but never really stuck at anything. My energy levels were poor, I lacked motivation and had low self confidence. I decided to make some changes and sort out my diet this lead to dramatic weight loss and was great but I lacked motivation and found myself bingeing for a few weeks then dieting for a few weeks and so on. Also I had no shape and lacked strength.

I first started working with Mark in January 2015 when I did a 4 week on-line programme after the Christmas binge. It was very successful and I learnt a lot from doing this. So at the end of June when I seen Mark looking for some new gym members I decided to join up. It was a great decision, I really enjoyed it from day 1 and I soon started to see big changes in my body shape and strength.

The group coached sessions really work for me, all the programmes are laid out for you and change regularly. Mark coaches you through them pushing you to do your best. I am in the 6am group which is great as I get in get my session done and then I can get on with the day ahead. There is a high retention rate at Marks gym and my group has been pretty much the same since I started so you get to know the guys your with and you help and encourage each other. Also because you are in the group you push yourself hard as there is an element of competition!

Mark is a great guy he is positive, encouraging and passionate about helping people achieve their goals, this soon rubs off on you. I look forward to my sessions at the gym and I find that I have so much more energy and motivation to get stuff done.

I have been going to Shiels strength and conditioning now for 10 months and I intend for this to be a long term lifestyle, I would recommend it to anyone who is ready to make big changes!

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